Friday, October 22, 2004

REVISION of "In Loving Memory"

Original version of this poem, I wrote in tribute to Barbara Ann Hoover, was published in an anthology of poetry, dated August 2004, titled "TOUCH OF TOMORROW" ... revised version was also published in's anthology (manuscript) of poetry, dated October 2004 and on their poetry website.


Entered life in my darkest moment,

And listened like noone ever had,

Long confidential talks with a friend,

Now cease to be, and makes me sad.

Hanging together;

After work, dancing and dining out.

All ears; always trying

to see good

in people.

Her laugh could brighten your world,

Make everything better, though she was crying inside.

The Lord heard her cries said,

"Come with Me to a Paradise."

Leaving Barbara Ann in our hearts

and memories forever more.

(c.) 2004 Rosanne Catalano



Friday, October 1, 2004

Story on "" website -- "DANI"

This is a "link" to a story I wrote and had published, on, entitled, "DANI" a short story for children. Please click below to read, under "General Fiction," and REVIEW story, if appropriate. Thanks everyone!

Writer's Stories - Fiction, Fantasy, Horror, Crime and many more....





Monday, March 8, 2004

First Love -- At Age 39!

It was raining the day I met the love of my life, and hadn't wanted to go out to pick up a friend because my car (no longer 'new') was not in good shape at all!  The driver's door wouldn't close - something to do with a broken hinge! - so I had to drive with one hand on the wheel, the other holding the door handle to keep the door from flying open!  I pulled into the train station to pick up this friend, and will never forget that all I saw in this big, brown Buick was 'his' gorgeous face, his 'sparkling' eyes ... even though he wasn't looking my way, I  had this overwhelming desire to run to him, kiss and hug him, and to never let him go!!! It felt as if a Higher Power were guiding me because everything else but my 'love' had receeded in my vision ... people walking to & from the train station, cars pulling in, etc.   What confused me was that I DIDN'T EVEN KNOW THIS PERSON, WHY WAS I FEELING THIS WAY -- AS IF 'CUPID'S ARROW' HAD STRUCK ME?!? And, then in the next confusing instant I see an ugly face - like the devil - in the passenger side of this big car, got real scared, swerved my car quickly away to get out of there... and felt like a total idiot when I heard my friend's voice yelling from the back seat of this car with the 'gorgeous guy' and the devil!!!  But, I had a problem... the love of my life didn't seem to notice me (or so I thought!) until our eyes met and held in my living room -- and, even then, I wasn't sure he was actually looking into my eyes as I was his!! So I sunk to my knees behind my  former friend, to hide from the love of my life the strong 'effect' he was having over me - I had never, ever felt this way about anyone before!   On our first date, which happened a week after our locking eyes in the living room, we were both so nervous!!! He got lost picking me up, even though he had dropped my friend off a couple of times before; and I thought he had 'stood me up', started crying so much that I looked a 'fright' by the time he finally arrived ... I felt like a teenager on her 'first date', and found out later that my Sweetheart had felt the same way!!!  He was the man I had dreamed of falling in love with all my life but had never found until that fateful day...  It is now six and a half years later and, we're still so much in love that kissing in the supermarket is an everyday event...