Friday, October 22, 2004

REVISION of "In Loving Memory"

Original version of this poem, I wrote in tribute to Barbara Ann Hoover, was published in an anthology of poetry, dated August 2004, titled "TOUCH OF TOMORROW" ... revised version was also published in's anthology (manuscript) of poetry, dated October 2004 and on their poetry website.


Entered life in my darkest moment,

And listened like noone ever had,

Long confidential talks with a friend,

Now cease to be, and makes me sad.

Hanging together;

After work, dancing and dining out.

All ears; always trying

to see good

in people.

Her laugh could brighten your world,

Make everything better, though she was crying inside.

The Lord heard her cries said,

"Come with Me to a Paradise."

Leaving Barbara Ann in our hearts

and memories forever more.

(c.) 2004 Rosanne Catalano



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